Don’t Invite Trouble

Daisy Mae was curled up asleep at the foot of the green easy chair that sits in my living room. But just minutes before she was running away from my squirt gun. I shot in her direction in an effort to teach this cat not to run into the garage.

Watching her sleep apparently without fear, without any concern about dashing into the garage, with no worry about getting squirted, made me wonder if. . .

If humans can learn to do something one minute and then completely shift to being relaxed without worry the next minute.

Maybe you’ll never be like Daisy Mae but you sure can rid yourself of anxiety, fear and worry.


By the way and what you think.

Learn from Daisy Mae don’t think too much and when something bad happens stop thinking about the bad and start thinking about good.

Shift your thought from the negative to the positive.

Simply choose to.

When I do the best I can do at a job, I can chose to relax and do what I want to do.

My trouble is my brain. Thinking too much about doing the best that I can do. Was that THE BEST or can I do better?

I tend to let my brain run wild. Sometimes, I think too much. . .and I get in emotional trouble. My life becomes worrisome, anxiety rises, and I find fear growing faster than a weed.

I’ve learned that most of the time, I amplify to the hills the negative of what’s happening.

My negativity usually is a hell of a lot worse than what’s really happening.

That is. . .until. . .I chose to think differently and replace the negative with positive thoughts,

I don’t know if Daisy Mae does this or not, but I can. . .then I can become Daisy Mae, in trouble one minute, relaxed the next.

Can you do it?


©Stanecki 2018

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When the load gets to heavy—–think differently

         I woke up at 5:30 this morning feeling rested, feeling good.  I lay there for maybe 30 seconds before I started to worry. My spirit started to sink as fear, like lava from a volcano, slowly pushed away the good feelings.

            Then I remembered.

            Think differently!

            I realized that in my negative thinking, I was slipping into a terrible start for the day. I mean, the heavy overcast skies outside were enough to dampen my spirit, let alone feed it with fears of the future.

            Yeah, but!  My magic magnifying mind screamed. What about the money you owe?  What about the house payment? What about no guaranteed money coming in?  Freelance work is iffy at times.  What abo—-

            Hey! Think differently!”

            I jolted myself out of the negative hole I was digging and did a reality check. The house payment isn’t due for two weeks. Did I want to waste today and 14 more days worried about something that is not a demand of today?


            Yeah, but.. .  I’d been struggling with depression and had kinda boxed myself in. Kinda?   I was stuck, obsessing about an old relationship, trying to figure out why it hadn’t worked.   Sadness and some anger flashed, intensifying the pain of the obsession.

             Then I thought about a couple of free-lance jobs that had fallen through and was trying to figure out why.

            I was frustrated and couldn’t figure out why I was having great difficulty writing.

            I had exhausted myself with my own insanity. Insanity for me is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

            I fought back.  Today’s reality is I have enough money.  I have enough food. I have a car; I have gas. . . in the car.  I kept listing what I had.

            As crazy as it may seem, I stopped writing and shouted; “Thank you God. Thank-you for letting me feels better, for letting these words flow. For the feelings I get when the words come.”

            Gratitude sure helps.

              I laughed and called my friend, Father Jack.  He’s an alcoholic, you know.  A recovering Catholic priest with 14 years of sobriety, of the good life, as he puts it.

            “Come on over, ” he said.

            Now, I’m not exactly the most comfortable guy in a religious atmosphere.  As I sat in the dark, wood paneled lobby of the retreat center, waiting, I thought about my yesteryear battles with the nuns of Sacred Heart Grade school.

             God, I’d been stubborn and resistant to authority.

            “Come on in.” The voice broke my thoughts. It was Father Jack. He was smiling.

            Sitting in his small office, two pictures of a laughing Jesus on the wall, I unloaded. I was feeling hopeless. When I stopped he said,

            “Think differently.”


            “Think differently, “ he repeated.

            “ Stop trying to figure everything out.  You don’t have to figure everything out.  Give it up and surrender, you’re killing yourself.”

            Think differently!  My God, I thought, he’s right.

            “Yeah, but. . . I mean, I know where some of the fear comes from.  I know what happened when I was a boy that triggers, I know—-

            “Jerry, ” he said and smiled. “ Think differently.  Stop trying to figure it out.”

             “ I hear you, thanks.”

             The lesson was clear. When the negative future started knocking I’d been sucked in until I started to think differently.  Then it all changed-. I changed it. I used the power I have.

            So, if you’re stuck in tomorrow with fear or are having regrets of yesterday, you just might want to—


©Stanecki 2018

If you enjoy reading this blog please tell your friends and everybody else about this blog.

Thanks, Jerry