If not now…when

“If not now. . .when” is what a friend said to me over the phone the other morning.

“If not now….when, what?” I said to AJ.

When are you (meaning himself and every other person alive) going to be happy?

“I’m a happy man today.” AJ said. ”But tomorrow, I may not be happy.”

His statement stayed in my mind for the next couple of days.  He makes a good point.

Another friend said that statement reminds him of his favorite Elvis Presley song; It’s Now or Never, and he agreed with the statement.

Yet, another friend finished the statement, If not now. . .

I asked him if he had talked to AJ figuring AJ had told him about it and he said no, but he just knew the saying.

I was surprised that so many knew and agreed with it. It is true! How many of us put off being happy, for example until when.

It’s imperative to live in the now not when because, as we know it, now is all we have.

Do you live in the NOW or are you living in the WHEN?