Gifts For Free

I’d usually make it a point to go to the box store when it opens on Monday because I’d be able to check out new merchandise, take my time in a non-crowded store and never spend more then 5 minutes at check out.

For the past few months I noticed there was a lot more people who discovered Costco wasn’t too busy on a Monday morning, because the store seemed to be a lot more crowded and there was always a wait at the checkout stand.

Last Monday just after 10 am, as usual, I headed for my local Costco. I had a wind chime to return . . .Costco’s return is the best and encourages impulse buying because they take returns with a receipt with no questions asked.

”Good Morning Jerry.” said Ruthie, “What are you returning today.”

You can tell I’m a regular at the return desk.

“Good Morning Ruthie, how are you today?”

“ Oh, a wind chimes. Why would you want return a wind chime?”

“Because, I already have two”

Ruthie joyfully took the wind chimes, I don’t know why, but she’s always joyful.

I spent the next 30 minutes checking out the new merchandise, working my way to the book department to see if there was a new Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington novel there. Nope. There was none.

I scouted the six or so open checkout. There were lines at each. Being an American in a hurry . . .I don’t know why I was in a hurry, I guess that’s the American way. But, I voted against my normal checkout, which is run by a very efficient woman.

At the head of my line, an elderly woman with a single bunch of Bananas was checking out.

Perfect, I thought, I’d be through in minutes. But something was wrong. The woman and Jeff, the fellow running the checkout, were in a discussion. It lasted what seemed like 5 minutes and was probably only 2 or 3.

“What’s the problem?” I said out loud to the man in front of me noticing the line I turned my back on was moving quickly.

“Confusion.” He answered.

The man smiled and added.

“I told to myself this morning that I would have a great day and wish everybody I ran into a great day.”

“That’s a good way to start your day.” I said.

The bananas matter was resolved and the man quickly checked out,

“Have a great day,” he said to Jeff and me as he left.

What a gift.