Expectations lead to disappointment…

I was reading an article on Jennifer Lawrence in the Hollywood Reporter and the question “Is your life what you expected?” came up.

I thought about that and tried to remember if I had any expectations for my life when I was young.

 At first I couldn’t think of any. Then during my high school years, mostly because of my mother, I expected to be medical doctor. The problem I had, being so young in college, 16, was that I couldn’t get into the science classes. Actually, I really didn’t care for all that book learning.

By age 18, I’d had enough and dropped out of college. Accidentally. I met a fellow named Ron who worked for WBON-FM in Milwaukee (that was before FM Radio became popular).

I got a job at WBON as a radio host and that’s where my career began. Oh, and I worked for nothing.

There were 4 other stations I worked for and was fired by. And there was alcoholism; I’ve been sober for over 30 years, a fine family and a good ex-wife. Yup, there was a divorce.

Yes sir, all of that was what I expected.

Seriously, how can you plan out your life with an expectation? Expectations bring disappointment . . .disappointment brings anger . . .anger brings- – -well you know what’s next!

Acceptance is the key to my happiness. When I accept what is happening . . .when I accept, truly accept, good with bad, I find happiness. Acceptance is the key to my happiness.