Dear John…

Dear John,

It’s been a lot of years since we’ve seen each other so I thought I’d write.

The last time I saw you was at your home in Milwaukee. Your wife was there, but your daughter wasn’t.

You looked rough and told me about the job you were working. It was a physical job cutting metal, and you worked using your hands a lot.

I felt badly because I was making a lot more than you by using my brain and mouth.

Today, I’m retired working on my 2nd book, still kinda liberal although I’m not a Democrat or Republican and think pretty much all of the “peoples?” representatives are full of shit,

Come to think of it, you sounded very Republican. But, I forgave you.


John, when we were young boys, and were seeing each other daily, besides being in love with your sister, I pretty much saw you as a hero.

In fact, when you quit Sacred Heart School to go to Immaculate Conception so you could play football, I did the same.

I wanted to be where you were and wanted to play football. . .all 65 pounds of me. I did play football, badly compared to you, but I got to hang around with you. yes, I was pretty fearless in those days. But today is a different story.

I’m afraid of death. . .mine, maybe you can help me out with that fear since you died a couple years ago.

Warmest regards,

Jerry Stanecki

PS. If I get a response from you, I think I’ll die. (Not literally, I hope)


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Thanks, Jerry