Delaying Immediate Satisfaction

Written by Jerry Stanecki

The five Michigan lottery tickets laying on the bedside table seemed to stare up at me. Too tired to walk back into the living room and get out the computer to check the numbers, I crawled into bed and said to myself, “I’ll check the numbers in the morning.”

Morning came, I picked the lottery tickets up and pushed them into the upper pocket of my flannel, as Arvin Pearlman, trying to be a smart ass, said during a poker game the night before, “When are you going hunting with that shirt on?”

I ignored him.

Lottery tickets safe in my flannel black and white checked shirt I got down on my knees, said my morning prayers and rolled onto my back so I could stretch.

Forgetting about the lottery tickets, I walked into the kitchen, took my cholesterol medicine and selected a Pacific Bold Keurig coffee pack.

As brewing started, I took the grapefruit cup out of the refrigerator, and thought of the lottery tickets, safely tucked into the pocket of my flannel shirt.

Should I go check the lottery numbers or eat my grapefruit first? Very carefully, I pulled the plastic top from the grapefruit. SUCCESS, not a drop of juice had come out of the plastic cup. Usually, it did.

 I took a sip.

A-h-h-h-h, that tasted so gooood. . . AND I was delaying immediate satisfaction. I was being patient and it was hard.

The lottery tickets, most likely losers can wait, I thought,  pushing a large spoon into the grapefruit.

Delicious, I thought and I ate it all. Putting the cup to my lips, I drank the last of the juice. The empty cup in the recycle, I grabbed my cup of coffee and walked into the living room.

NOW, proud of my patience, I would check to see that I’d won four million dollars. Grabbing my computer, I typed Michigan Lottery (funny how I used the word “typed” when the typewriter had been dismissed by the computer).

Pulling my lottery numbers from my pocket, I began to match numbers .

7 – O.K. ,11 -yes

13- oh yes. 21-alright.

27- Oh, my. . .. That’s a $2500.00 winner.


I’ll never have to play the Lottery again!

Copyright © 2017


3 thoughts on “Delaying Immediate Satisfaction

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